Prof. Dr. Liangbin Li

National Synchrotron Radiation Lab,

CAS Key Lab of Softmatter Chemistry,

Department of Polymer Science and Engineering,

University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China,





Research Interests

1. Developing in-situ time and spatial resolved techniques based on synchrotronradiation;

2. Studying the structural evolution kinetics and dynamics of soft matters;

3. Developing oriented polymer film and membrane for energy, optical and package applications.




Ph D                     2000   Sichuan University, China, Polymer Physics

Master degree      1997  Chengdu University of Science and Technology, ChinaAtomic and Molecular Physics

Bachelor degree    1994   Sichuan Normal University, ChinaPhysics



Working Experiences

2006-          Professor in National Synchrotron Radiation Lab,

                    University of Science and Technology of China


2004-2006  Materials Scientist, Unilever Food and Health Research Institute


2003-2004  Postdoc at Nano Structured Materials, Faculty of Applied Sciences,

                    Technological University of Delft  (

2000-2003   Postdoc at AMOLF, group “order/disorder in soft matter”  




Academic and Social Part-time

1. Associate Editor, Macromolecules

2. Standing Director, Polymer Materials Branch of China Materials Society

3. Member, National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory Academic Committee

4. Member, Academic Committee of Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Atomic and Molecular Physics

5. Member, Academic Committee of Guangdong Key Laboratory of Soft Condensed Matter Physics

6. Member,  Academic Committee of the Key Laboratory of Neutron Physics, China Academy of Engineering Physics

7. Member, Time-Resolved Ultra Small Angle X-Ray Line Station Expert Working Group of SSRF 

8. Member, The 14th review expert group of the Department of Engineering and Materials of the National Natural Science Foundation of China

9. Editorial Board, Polymer Materials Science and Engineering and Chinese Journal of Polymer Science

10. Independent Director, Guofeng Plastic Industry and Tongfeng Electronics

Selected Publications:

1. Kunpeng Cui, Zhe Ma, Nan Tian, Fengmei Su, Dong Liu, Liangbin Li. Multiscale and Multistep Ordering of Flow-Induced Nucleation of Polymers [J].Chemical Reviews 2018, 118 (4): 1840-1886.


2. Yuanfei Lin, Xueyu Li, Lengpu Meng, Xiaowei Chen, Fei Lv, Qianlei Zhang, Rui Zhang, Liangbin Li. Structural Evolution of Hard-Elastic Isotactic Polypropylene Film during Uniaxial Tensile Deformation: The Effect of Temperature [J].Macromolecules 2018, 51 (7): 2690-2705.


3. Fucheng Tian, Xiaoliang Tang, Tingyu Xu, Junsheng Yang, Chun Xie, Liangbin Li, Nonlinear stability and dynamics of nonisothermal film casting,Journal of Rheology, 2018, 62(1): 49-61.


4. Qianlei Zhang, Rui Zhang, Lingpu Meng, Youxin Ji, Fengmei Su, Yuanfei Lin, Xueyu Li, Xiaowei Chen, Fei Lv, Liangbin Li, Stretch-induced structural evolution of poly (vinyl alcohol) film in water at different temperatures: An in-situ synchrotron radiation small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering study,Polymer (United Kingdom), 2018, 142: 233-243


5. Rui Zhang, Qianlei Zhang, Youxin Ji, Fengmei Su, Lingpu Meng, Zeming Qi, Yuanfei Lin, Xueyu Li, Xiaowei Chen, Fei Lv, Liangbin Li, Stretch-induced complexation reaction between poly(vinyl alcohol) and iodine: An: in situ synchrotron radiation small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering study,Soft Matter, 2018, 14(13): 2535-2546


6. Fei Lv, Xiaowei Chen, Caixia Wan, Fengmei Su, Youxin Ji, Yuanfei Lin, Xueyu Li, Liangbin Li. Deformation of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Precursor Fiber: Crystal Slip with or without MeltingMacromolecules. 2017, 50(17):6385-6395.


7. Zhen Wang, Fengmei Su, Youxing Ji, Haoran Yang, Nan Tian, Jiarui Chang, Lingpu Meng, Liangbin Li. Transition from chain-to crystal-network in extension induced crystallization of isotactic polypropylene [J].Journal of Rheology 2017, 61 (4): 589-599.


8. Xueyu Li, Yuanfei Lin, Fengmei Su, Xiaowei Chen, Wenhua Zhang, Fei Lv, Lingpu Meng, Qianlei Zhang, Liangbin Li. Mechanical energy and thermal effect controlled micropore nucleation and growth mechanism in oriented high density polyethylenePolymer. 2017, 133:240-249.


9. Shenghui Wei, Weiheng Huang, Fengmei Su, Xiaoliang Tang, Ningdong Huang, Liangbin Li, Lyotropic meso-phase behavior of supra-molecular nanotubes with helical charge distribution,Soft Matter, 2017, 13(19): 3475-3479


10. Junsheng Yang, Xiaoliang Tang, Zhen Wang, Tingyu Xu, Fucheng Tian, Youxin Ji, Liangbin Li, Coupling between intra- and inter-chain orderings in flow-induced crystallization of polyethylene: A non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation study,Journal of Chemical Physics, 2017, 146(1): 014901


11. Lixian Song, Zhen Wang, Xiaoliang Tang, Liang Chen, Pinzhang Chen, Qingxi Yuan, Liangbin Li. Visualizing the Toughening Mechanism of Nanofiller with 3D X-ray Nano-CT: Stress-Induced Phase Separation of Silica Nanofiller and Silicone Polymer Double Networks.Macromolecules. 2017, 50(18):7249-7257.


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